Dia de Los Muertos (an inspired session)

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I had been wanting to do some sort of "styled session" ever since I attened the #Vegasshootout2014 back in March. Oh my gosh was it fun!

Models, makeup artists, hairstylists...all with a completely rad ability and talent. 

I have stayed in touch with several of the photographers and models from that day. We were trying to get together again, a smaller group of us, just to go out and do some "just for fun" photos and to just hang out. 

Finally!! Schedules worked out, we had a model, she hired the dress designer, I got in contact with the make-up artist. (which btw I will share links to their FB pages at the bottom incase you want to contact them yourself.)

If you would like to view any of the images larger, just simply click on one and it will take you to gallery.

A quick interview with Nia, the model... A fresh-faced Nia ready to go!

How did  you come up with the idea for this stylized session?

Being Latina, Dia de los Muertos is a part of my culture, it is something that I have always shown interest and have always wanted to do a shoot for. The stars aligned for this shoot, the photographers, the costume and the makeup artist all made this possible. Dia de los Muertos is part of a culture and is not about Halloween or something scary. It is spiritual and I was so very happy to represent my culture in this way.

Do you celebrate this holiday? Dia de los Muertos?

I do! I attend events in Las Vegas and celebrations for these days. I also go to my family’s gravesites or light candles for my loved ones and pray for them.

Do you know what Dia de los Muertos is about?

Dia de los Muertos are days in which the dead get to come back to the living. It’s nothing like zombies though. This a day where you are allowed (in Mexico) to sleep in the cemeteries and bring gifts and food and your deceased love one’s most favorite things. It is a day of remembrance and celebration. Life is beautiful but so is death. We are not separated from our loved ones through death, they are still here with us. And on November 1st and 2nd of each year we celebrate this connection.

What were your inspirations for this shoot?

Color! Most cultures see death as black… in my culture it is all about color! The most beautiful and brightest colors are the best! Also of course, sugar skulls as they are a representation of our deceased.

Did you feel comfortable in front of the camera?

Being in front of the camera is always difficult at first. I am always nervous like it is the first day of school. However, it helps when the people behind the camera are friendly and make you comfortable being relaxed with a lens in front of you.

How do you feel now that you have seen the images from this session?

I am in love with the images! During the shoot I admit there were poses that were a little uncomfortable for me but I put trust in the photographers as they were able to see what I wasn’t seeing. The images are a great representation of what Dia de los Muertos is about!

Would you participate in another session like this?

Of course! In a heartbeat! This was a ton of fun for me and it was a learning experience. I was taking on something else besides myself and because it was part of my culture! No questions asked, yes I would definitely 100% participate in another session like this!  


First look

Make-Up by: Suzanne Lugano


Model: Nia Huerta      Hair color and style by:  Lexie Moore, Nia's awesome sister!

Dress Made by: Katie Eastman

Needless to say...I had fun. It was exactly what I needed...



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