How to Prepare For Your Headshot Session


Know Your Audience.

What will you be using the headshot for?

Different business fields have different headshot styles. For example, a corporate, business headshot is completely different than a model headshot. Take to the internet to scan for images relevant to the aesthetic
you are looking for and share them with me. This will give me a better idea of what you are looking for. Think "Mood Board".


Put Your Best Face Forward.

Learning your best side and angle will help improve your headshot outcome. While I will adjust your posing and give you direction, you should take some time looking at a mirror and pay attention to which is your best expression and side. Posing for headshots can take practice and practice makes perfect. Make sure to tell me if you do have a "side" you prefer.

It's easy to get caught up in what you feel are your skin imperfections and flaws. Other people don't see you that way. Everyone has flattering angles.




















Leave plenty of time for showers, baths, dressing, and grooming. Try to prepare for your session ahead of time.  This way you aren't rushing around the day of and it will lead to a more relaxing, fun session. Have your wardrobe picked out beforehand. If you are unsure of a top or jacket, please bring it with you to the session. I'd rather you have more to choose from than not enough. Which brings me to the next topic...WARDROBE.


Sweaters, Jackets and Vests Oh My...

Please ensure the clothing you bring has been pressed and is wrinkle and stain free. While minor wrinkles are fine and happen, it takes a lot of work in post production to smooth out a shirt or top.

A scarf or jacket can add an interesting detail and look to your images. Try to avoid very small, tight lines and busy prints.

When looking in the mirror and deciding which is your best side, pick out colors, textures and patterns that are flattering too. 



















Makeup. Makeup. Makeup.

Try to avoid makeups with a lot of shimmer or SPFs. These will reflect the lights and can create hotspots or give you a "sweaty" appearance. 

Depending on the setup, photographic lighting can washout features. Adding contour can go a long way; if you have softer features, try a little contour to bring those features out. I don't want to lose your features if I am shooting in a brighter lighting style as pictured above. (Most of my clients prefer this lighting style).  

Wear a lip color that will go with the variety of outfits you are bringing. You can always add a pop of lip color or add makeup during your session. Just remember this can interrupt your shooting time. Feel free to bring extra makeup to your session to either touch up or add as we go. 



Wear your hair as it best represents you and the image you are portraying. Be sure to smooth those baby hairs as much as possible, without looking overly hair sprayed. If your hair is giving you trouble, bring extra spray to your session for touch ups. 

Large, loose curls look the best on medium to long hair. If you are great at pinning your hair up, come with down to your session and you can pin it up during for an overall, different look.

Most haircuts, (depending from person to person), look best approximately 1 week to 2 weeks after they have been cut.

















Don't be Hangry...Please.

Please don't show up to your session on an empty stomach. Eat something before your session, even if it is a light snack. If you booked a private session, I tend to shoot over the time allotted and I don't want your energy to drain out mid session.


HAVE FUN! This is about you and highlighting who you are! Don't be nervous or anxious. I got you!